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Echo Red Armor Hand Scrub

Echo Red Armor Hand Scrub

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Red Armor® Hand Scrub

Red Armor 8 oz.

ECHO's Red Armor® Hand Scrub is dirt-powered and water-activated to deliver a clean you've never experienced before. The dirt powered formula helps to absorb grease and toxins, while the all natural ingredients including olive oil, coconut oil and lime oil scrub away dirt, grease and grime leaving your hands feeling smooth and hydrated; never cracked or dry.

As an all natural scrub, Red Armor® Hand Scrub is alcohol and petroleum free, in addition to being free from harsh chemicals such as mineral oils, ammonia, sulfates paraben or phthalates; all the bad ingredients that cause skin irritations and hands to dry out.

Red Armor® Hand Scrub is best used by applying it to dry skin and rubbing it in so the clay and pumice have an opportunity to grab onto the grease and grime. Then add water to your hands to remove the gunk and grime and walk away with smooth, clean skin that don't smell like industrial cleaners.

  • All natural ingredients
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Pleasing light lime citrus scent

Ideal for professional, commercial, industrial and household applications

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