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Echo Red Armor Lubricant

Echo Red Armor Lubricant

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Red Armor® Lubricant

Red Armor 8 oz.

ECHO's Red Armor® lithium-based grease is formulated to provide long-lasting protection, superior anti-wear and extreme pressure performance. Our lubricant is impervious to water and is designed to function across a wide range of applications including, but not limited to; gear cases, cables, ball bearings, spindles and gears.

With the capability to resist shock loads, seal out moisture and contamination from critical components and it's superior rust and corrosion resistance, Red Armor® Lubricant is a high-performing, dependable grease to keep parts moving and lubricated for longer lasting protection. The unique red color is exclusive to Red Armor® and indicates performance above all others. Protect your equipment and invest in Red Armor® Lubricant.

  • High oxidation resistance
  • Proprietary additives
  • Superior anti-friction protection
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